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Grizzly Bear Hunting

Please Note: due to current provincial regulations, the season is closed at this time.

The McGregor River drainage has a long and well known history of supporting a high density of huntable mountain grizzly bears. Bears range in size anywhere from 7 1/2 – 9 foot square with many skulls surpassing the B & C minimum of 24 inches. Colors range from classic silver and blonde to rich chocolates, rusts and even cinnamon. Feeding bears will be located and then a stalk formulated.

All Grizzly hunts include one Black Bear and one Timber Wolf. Hunt can be upgraded to include a second Black Bear as well.

It has been noted that our area contains one of the highest concentrations of huntable mountain grizzly bears found anywhere in the province. The Black bear population is also extremely high with a success/opportunity rate of near 100%. Quality spot and stalk spring bear hunts are one of our specialties here at McGregor River Outfitters.

Grizzly Bear Hunting with McGregor River Outfitters
Successful Grizzly Bear Hunt

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